Shopping Intentions

MEDIA RELEASE: November 10, 2020

As businesses have slowly reopened to in-person shopping, a notable minority of the population plan on continuing to do more of their shopping for non-essentials online.

BERMUDA: With many stores and restaurants across the Island having to temporarily close their doors to in-person sales as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Islanders’ type of shopping has been impacted. With businesses slowly allowing more in-person shopping, are residents ready?

As part of on-going public opinion polling conducted by Narrative Research Bermuda, the majority of residents (69%) indicate that they are likely to visit and eat at their favourite restaurant in the coming month. That said, only one-half of residents (48%) are likely to browse and shop in-person for non-essential items. In terms of shopping habits for non-essential items going forward, more than one-third of Islanders (37%) expect to do more shopping online than they do in-person, while two in ten residents plan on reverting to doing more of their shopping inperson, and four in ten expect to shop about equal amounts in-person and online (41%). 

Perhaps not surprisingly, younger residents anticipate doing more online shopping in their future, while residents aged 55 and older are more eager to have a greater proportion of their shopping done in-person. 

With local resorts and hotels across the Island also feeling the impact of limited tourist and business travel, it is positive to note that two in ten Islanders (22%) are likely to take a ‘staycation’ in the next month.  

These results are part of a Narrative Research Bermuda’s Bermuda Omnibus® Survey conducted in September 2020 with a random sample of adult Bermuda residents (18 years of age or older). The results above are not commissioned by a third party, and were collected independently by Narrative Research Bermuda. A sample size of 400 is a well-recognised market research industry standard and provides a representative sampling of residents. The survey was conducted by phone and online from September 9 – 19, 2020. A sample size of 400 surveys collected by telephone allows for a statistical margin of error to within ± 4.9 percentage points, 95 out of 100 times. The results presented in this document were collected from our online survey of 365 members of Narrative Research Bermuda’s proprietary online panel of adult residents. A margin of error cannot be ascribed to the online survey results.

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