Q4 2021 Press Release – Cassava Pie


Putting an end to a long-standing national debate, most residents prefer chicken in their Cassava Pie.

BERMUDA: Across cultures, nothing quite unites, or in this case, divides its people as much as their food. Before the holidays, Narrative Research Bermuda surveyed residents to assess their opinions on cassava pie and their preferred pie ingredients. Results show that the tradition of having cassava pie during the holidays remains entrenched in the Bermudian community, with seven in ten who expected to have cassava pie during the recent holiday season (71%). Perhaps not surprising, it was found that Bermudians (77%) are more likely to have cassava pie during the holidays than non-Bermudians (24%). By demographics, those who were planning on having cassava pie are more likely to have incomes less than $150K and be living in Hamilton, Smith’s, and St. George’s parishes.  

Among those who expecting to eat cassava pie during the holidays, two-thirds prefer chicken as a key ingredient (68%) compared with just over a quarter who prefer no meat (28%). Meanwhile, fewer mentioned having pork (10%), beef (1%), or all the above listed types of meat (3%). Interestingly, when asked of their preferred pie ingredient, men were more likely to prefer chicken or pork whereas women were more likely to choose a meatless pie. That said, chicken is without a doubt the preferred cassava pie ingredient overall.

These results are part of Narrative Research Bermuda’s Online Bermuda Omnibus® Survey conducted between November 26 – December 12, 2021 with a sample of adult residents of Bermuda (18 years of age or older). The results above are not commissioned by a third party and were collected independently by Narrative Research Bermuda. The results presented in this document were collected from our online survey of 370 members of Narrative Research Bermuda’s proprietary online panel of adult residents, Bermuda Voice. A margin of error cannot be ascribed to the online survey results.

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Graham Redford, Managing Partner, Narrative Research Bermuda, 278 8882 or graham@narrativeresearch.bm  

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