Q2 2021 – Press Release – Traffic Cameras


Most residents indicate they would support the introduction of traffic cameras on the Island, while only a small minority would oppose them.

BERMUDA: In many areas around the world, traffic cameras are implemented along streets and intersections to help combat speeding and reckless driving in an attempt to improve overall road safety. This quarter, we were curious to know what residents would think if traffic cameras were introduced to the Island.

It is interesting to note that most residents support the introduction of traffic cameras to some extent (81%). More specifically, one-half of residents completely support their introduction (50%), while one-third mostly support it (32%).

In contrast, only a small minority (15%) oppose the idea. Across the Island results are fairly consistent with at least three-quarters in each parish offering support for traffic cameras. Across demographics, those aged 55 and older are more likely to be in complete support of traffic camera introduction, while residents under the age of 35 are more likely to mostly support the idea.  On the flip side, men are more likely to oppose traffic cameras compared to women.

These results are part of Narrative Research Bermuda’s Online Bermuda Omnibus® Survey conducted in June 2021 with a sample of adult residents of Bermuda (18 years of age or older). The results above are not commissioned by a third party and were collected independently by Narrative Research Bermuda. The results presented in this document were collected from our online survey of 320 members of Narrative Research Bermuda’s proprietary online panel of adult residents, Bermuda Voice. A margin of error cannot be ascribed to the online survey results.

For more information, please contact:

Graham Redford, Managing Partner, Narrative Research Bermuda, 295-0972 or graham@narrativeresearch.bm  

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