Half of residents anticipate the Biden presidency will have a positive impact on the island

MEDIA RELEASE: January 7, 2021

Half of residents anticipate the Biden presidency will have a positive impact on the Island.

BERMUDA: With the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States of America quickly approaching on January 20th, many countries around the world are speculating the impact this change in office will have on them. As part of our recent Bermuda Omnibus research, Bermudians were asked the impact they expect the Biden administration will have on the Island.

One-half expect that the new presidency will have a net positive impact on the Island, while a slightly fewer do not anticipate much change. It is positive to note that only one in ten expect a negative impact from the new administration.

Across demographics, expectations are highly consistent though residents aged 55 and older are most likely to expect a positive impact on Bermuda.

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These results are part of Narrative Research Bermuda’s Online Bermuda Omnibus® Survey conducted in November and December 2020 with a sample of adult residents of Bermuda (18 years of age or older). The results above are not commissioned by a third party and were collected independently by Narrative Research Bermuda. A sample size of 400 is a well-recognised market research industry standard and provides a representative sampling of residents. The results presented in this document were collected from our online survey of 446 members of Narrative Research Bermuda’s proprietary online panel of adult residents, Bermuda Voice. A margin of error cannot be ascribed to the online survey results.

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