BMO Q1 Press Release – Restaurants


Ascots, Wahoo’s, Mad Hatters, and La Trattoria are named the best restaurants on the Island by residents.

BERMUDA: Supporting local business has never been more important and with the most recent shelter in place restrictions easing and the vaccination roll-out well underway, we hope to soon be able to return to some of our favourite restaurants.

As part of our online Bermuda Omnibus Survey last month, we asked more than 300 residents what they feel to be the best restaurant on the Island. Participants were allowed to subjectively decide what ‘best’ meant to them, and perhaps not surprising given the variety of great restaurants Bermuda has to offer, residents identified a wide range of responses. Narrowly topping the list, Ascots and Wahoo’s, were most named as the best restaurants on the Island, very closely followed by Mad Hatters and La Trattoria. Importantly, each of these top restaurants were only named by a small proportion meaning that many other local restaurants clearly have a loyal fanbase, including Lobster Pot, Barracuda Grill, Bolero, Port O Call, Pickled Onion, Blu, and many more.  

At the time of data collection (i.e., early March), most residents indicated they had eaten out at a restaurant (including take-away) at least once during the previous month. More specifically, just under one-half have eaten out at least three times, two in ten had eaten out twice, and just over one in ten had eaten food from a restaurant once. Conversely, two in ten residents had not eaten out in the past month. Dining out at least once in the past month is highest among men, those under the age of 35 and Bermudians.

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These results are part of Narrative Research Bermuda’s Online Bermuda Omnibus® Survey conducted in March 2021 with a sample of adult residents of Bermuda (18 years of age or older). The results above were not commissioned by a third party and were collected independently by Narrative Research Bermuda. The results presented in this document were collected from our online survey of 310 members of Narrative Research Bermuda’s proprietary online panel of adult residents, Bermuda Voice. A margin of error cannot be ascribed to the online survey results.

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Graham Redford, Managing Partner, Narrative Research Bermuda, 278 8882 or